Including patients H2OLIE-timing


Including patients

For randomization, we use the program Castor:
After randomizing a new patient, the tab ‘baseline’ can be filled out immediately.

Infertile women going through fertility work-up who are below 39 years of age, have a regular menstrual cycle and a low perceived risk for tubal pathology.


  • Aged 18-38
  • Spontaneous regular menstrual cycle
  • Low perceived risk for tubal pathology based on medical history


  • Endocrine disorders (PCOS, diabetes, hyperprolactinemia, hyperthyreoïdism, – except for well-managed hypothyroidism (TSH 0.3-2.5mIU/l max. 2 months prior to inclusion))
  • Ovulation disorder (less than 8 menstrual cycles per year)
  • Iodine allergy
  • Male subfertility (VCM <3×10^6 spermatozoa/ml)